CAD/CAM solution

Do you prepare your existing CNC programs ineffective?

Donīt you know ISO programming and want to create CNC programs for yourself?

Providing you with your customers Drawings in CAD format, and you are looking for software that would be capable of this format easily read and then create the program?

We offer delivery CAD / CAM software EdgeCAM that your problems are solved. The advantages of this software tool are:

EdgeCAM is a leading CAM system enabling programming milling, lathe and mill-milling machines. EdgeCAM combines user-friendly and intuitive environment, with sophisticated creating toolpaths. EdgeCAM is a top product of the Planit group - the world's fastest-growing company, specializing in the development and sale of CAM systems (according to independent studies by CIMdata).

EdgeCAM is a complete CAM software solution for production machining, as well as production of shaped molds and dies. With a complete range of 2-5 axis milling operations, with support for turning and turning-milling center, combined with perfect CAD integration and sophisticated automated tools, EdgeCAM is the only CAM software you'll ever need.

EdgeCAM is designed to handle very simple programming of complex components and offers full support for the latest versions of CAD systems, machine tools, instruments and modern technology. EdgeCAM is supplied worldwide through a network of specialized certified partners. Planit group strategic partner for the Czech and Slovak Republics is the company NEXNET a.s.

EdgeCAM - A standard for intelligent machining of solid models