Welcome to the website of MOOS TRADING CZ s.r.o, selling and servicing new CNC and conventional metalworking machinetool.

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Contacts details

Tel.: +420 581 701 605
Fax: +420 581 701 605
E-mail: info@moostrading.cz

Hwo we are

We are a company that sells and service of CNC and conventional metalworking machinery. Our philosophy is to sell quality and proven machinetools at an affordable price. Therefore, we decided to sell in Central Europe machinetools from only reliable and quality machinetools, which fullfill requirements and needs European customers. Mentioned obligation of quality is fully meet by our suppliers DMTG, PROTH, MAXIMART, JAINNHER, ARIX and Vision Wide.

Our company CZ MOOS TRADING LTD. is iherently linked with "parent" company M-MOOS Ltd. This company continues on a long tradition of manufacturing machine tools and their repair in Lipnik nad Becvou. work over 20 years. Through this link we can deliver words about early intervention and quality service.

More information about our production range here.
" The purchase of quality machinetool is only beginning of way to customer´s satisfaction..."
In CZ MOOS TRADING, we are not looking for closing to good bussiness in short time. Our priority is to build long term partnership with our customers and partners. The basestone of this partnership are very simple thinks: serious and friendly negotiation, strong of our technical hinterland and early intervention in whole Europa. This simple points are "alpha and omega" of our daily work and gives the several benefits to end-useres of our machinetools.
" CZ MOOS TRADING - your bridge between Asia and Europe..."
Thanks to our location in heart of central Eourope and unique technical hinterland & experiences, We are strategic partner for both our customers from whole Europe and our suppliers from Asia. These advantages make it possible for our customers achieve high-quality machinetools without fear of availability of spare parts and after sales support. Standard spare parts are produce by our-self in our own pruduction and special spare parts are permanently in stock.