Machinetool diagnostic

We provide an independent and comprehensive diagnostic accuracy of machine tools

Dou you know the accuracy of your machine?

Do You need to measure the geometry?

To increase your job opportunities or machinery to streamline and speed up production?

Increase accuracy through targeted maintenance

By deploying this type of diagnosis can be observed trends in the accuracy of NC and CNC machine park.

Is it possible to determine which machine is capable of meet the requirements for the accuracy of a part.

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Machinetool diagnostis and digital read out

In addition to selling new machines We offer services in the area of geometric precision machinetools measurement and their adjustment. We also supply and install Digital read-out system Newall. Position sensor and Spherosyn Microsyn are characterized long-term operational reliability and high resistance to environment and damage. Newall encoders can be applied even in difficult operation where the current measurement failed.

Measurement geometry and alignment of machine tools

Due to the unique technical background we are able to independently measure the geometry of your machine and help you with the correction of errors found on the machine. For the diagnosis of errors we use the measuring systems QC10 Ballbar and leaser measuring system XL 80 from Renishaw. Both these systems represent the ultimate tool for the diagnosis of machine tools and coordinate measuring machines.

What all could be detected and measured the diagnosis?
  • Mistakes in setting of servomotors
  • Measurement of straightness
  • Error backlash
  • Measurement angle
  • Flatness measurement
  • The overall state drives
  • Measurement of perpendicularity
  • Linear position accuracy

QC10 Ballbar test

Way to reduce scrap

QC10 testing system ballbar check accuracy of your machine. The test takes from launch through the analysis usually only a few minutes and provide clear review of aall problems, including their likely causes.


Laser measuring of geometry machine

This system is used for comprehensive evaluation of precision machine tools, coordinate measuring machines and other positioning systems.

Digital read-out Newall

Now, the position measurement systems are standard equipment of modern conventional machine tools and a fundamental element in the modernization of older machines. Positioning instruments in each axis can reach up to 1 µm accuracy. This work is not influenced by the accuracy or inaccuracy wear of feed´s bolts and nuts for the old machine as a system of measuring reliably eliminates such errors. Position measurement systems are in addition to its basic functions displaying positional data fitted storage and computing functions that operate machines and sweeten it easier machine operation, in particular when reading the dimensions from the drawing. .

Advantages of measuring Newall:
  • eliminating inaccuracies and backslash of feed´s bolts and nuts for the old machine
  • reduce scrap
  • sealed system resistant to steel chip, cast iron and graphite dust, liquids, abrasive
  • increase productivity and accuracy of work by 20 to 60%
  • number of computational and memory functions (search center, pitch circle, etc)
  • resistance to vibration and shock